2 part brm 353 week 4

Part 1.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
There are several marketing tools available. Compare two marketing tools that are used to improve product and brand management. What are the differences? Why should one be used over the other and for what purpose?
Part 2.
A small response to these next 2 posts.
1. I think the top two marketing tools being used to improve sales are social media platforms, and Google Analytics. First is social media, if a company has a social media presence then it is already on the right track. Making sure a company keeps a constant content flow is important because inconstancy can be the downfall of any social media pretense. If people get bored, or see that a company is not posting enough content they are more likely to unfollow that account, and vise versa. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by the content, too much can be overwhelming. Second is Google analytics, I know for one I am the first person to google anything that pops into my ming, so I am more likely to click on one of the ad websites without a doubt. Advertising on these platforms can improve the product and brand management for a company because it gives them better odds for their product to be seen. Commercials are really in the past, even before Netflix took off people wanted ways to skip through watching commercials, hence DVR and TiVo.
2. There are a few different kinds of marketing tools, which includes various types of media, such as social media, newspaper, television, and radio. Social media and television are two completely different mediums. You can view TV online like social media, so you may see ads that way, however usually when you watch TV you are not interacting with a brand directly. With social media, you can interact with a brand by clicking the link and buying something right there in the moment. With TV, unless you are watching it on a streaming service on your PC or device, you most likely will not be able to click on the ads.
I think both should be implemented for advertising campaigns, however social media is more important to me. This is because a lot more people use the internet and social media compared to television, in fact I barely watch TV but I am on social media a lot. When I do watch TV it is with a paid streaming service so I do not really see those ads. So it makes sense to me to advertise on social media more than TV. TV viewers also are likely to fast forward through ads if the show was recorded, or they go into the other room for food or a bathroom break during the commercials. On social media, you see the ad right away, and it usually catches your attention. You may not interact with it, but you saw it and it registers in your mind that you are now aware of the brand.
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