4 pages paper 9

In this assessment, you will:
– select an essay title related to your subject of study.
– be given a source to start your reading for the essay.
– find five additional reliable sources related to your essay.
– write an annotated reference for two of your sources, outlining how the source is relevant to your essay (what useful information, arguments, data or examples it provides) and how you found the source (eg. via Google Scholar, the University library, from a reading list, following up on a reference in another article)
– write a brief source evaluation for three further sources, outlining how you have identified the source as suitable for academic use.
– identify three main points which are useful from each of the three sources, and the supporting evidence provided.
– note the part of the essay for which the points are useful. You should show how you will address at least three different parts of your essay.
– note the conclusions you have drawn from your reading on the topic.
This coursework is the first stage of your AES coursework portfolio. You will be required to present and answer questions on your research in CW 2, and write a research-based essay of 1500 words (IFY students), or 2000 words (IY1 students) in CW 3. There is no word limit for CW 1. You can write in note-form, as you are not marked for the accuracy of your language, but you must use your own words. You cannot demonstrate your understanding of the sources you have read if you copy from the text.
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