9. James Sebenius, in his Harvard Business Review article: Six Habits

9. James Sebenius, in his Harvard Business Review article: Six Habits of Merely
Effective Negotiators, identifies six mistakes that negotiators make that keep
them from solving the right problem. Identify which mistake is being described.
The negotiator has neglected to consider the course of action he will take if the proposed deal is not possible.
Select one:
a. Searching Too Hard for Common Ground.
b. Neglecting BATNAs.
c. Failing to Correct for Skewed Vision.
d. Letting Positions Drive out Interests.
10. What is typically a consequence of Expert Power?
Select one:
a. Committed followers.
b. Compliant followers.
c. Resistant followers.
d. Complacent followers.
11. Your project team’s recommendations to increase productivity have been approved and your team is now working on an implementation plan. In order to accomplish the plan, several Subject Matter Experts from various parts of the organization have been brought in to assist. You have noticed friction and conflict among team members.
Some of the disagreement and opposition on your team supports the achievement of team goals and objectives. This type of conflict can be described as:
Select one:
a. Cooperative Conflict.
b. Functional Conflict.
c. Avoiding Conflict.
d. Dysfunctional Conflict.
12. Irving Janis identified eight symptoms of Groupthink: Illusion of Invulnerability, Belief of Inherent Morality of the Group, Collective Rationalization, Out-group Stereotypes, Self-Censorship, Illusion of Unanimity, Direct Pressure on Dissenters, and Self-Appointed Mindguards. You are leading a Decision Making Team and suspect that your team may be suffering from Groupthink. Identify which symptom your team may be displaying.
A member of the team recommended an alternative solution to the problem, but was told by other team members to “get on board” and that “we already have the optimal solution.”
Select one:
a. Direct Pressure on Dissenters.
b. Belief in Inherent Morality of the Group.
c. Collective Rationalization.
d. Out-group Stereotypes.
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