american society

I attached my work I need it to be edit and done better , must be LONGER and 5-7 pages.
Absolutely NO outside sources Only can use : J. Garraty ed., The Quarrels the Shaped the Constitution (any edition)
What are the rights a person has, their nature and their sources?
Define what the rights are in the following manner:
1. First describe and name all the rights that you as a person/citizen has and
discuss the source of each right :
a. Natural
b. Social Contractual
c. Legal
d. Religious
e. Filial rights
2. Then, explain and discuss:
a. Which ones are universal, which ones are local?
b. Which rights are absolute, which relative, and which ones are specific?
c. Which rights are inherent and the humans cannot be disentitled from
them, and which ones may —AND why?
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