answer 17 questions short answer

I need help answering 17 questions this is the instructions :

Respond to the questions. There is no required length as each question requires a different level of response. There are simply answers that fully respond and those that do not, but longer than half a page single-spaced seems excessive. Please single-space and clearly number the short answers. Please avoid information that is not responding to the question as that will result in a lowering of the grade. .
1. Define inherent presidential power and discuss one specific example of its use by a president.
2. Define federalism and explain how it has been displayed during this current COVID19 pandemic in the United States.
3. Discuss two ways that committees help the congress complete their legislative task.
4. Briefly discuss the different styles of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate and how it effects their relationship.
5. What is the role of the Rules Committee in the House of Representatives?
6. What is a writ of certiorari and how is the “rule of 4†related to it?
7. What are the Helvidius and Pacificus debates and why are they important?
8. What are two factors that determine which congressional committee a member of congress will be placed on?
9. Discuss why a president is so successful when he/she decides to veto a piece of legislation.
10. Explain why the following statement is false: “A popular election of the president will be more fair than the Electoral College.”
11. The Constitution states that we are protected from “unreasonable searches and seizures,” but
how do we determine what is unreasonable?
12. Why do political parties matter in the United States Congress?
13. Explain the difference between an enumerated and an implied congressional power.
14. What is the Great Compromise and how did it impact the Congress and the election of the President?
15. What is a “faithless elector” and explain two reason why it need not be a serious problem inthe Electoral College system.
16. Explain the two actively used methods that states use to distribute their Electoral College votes.
17. Discuss two actions that may take place at the committee stage of the legislative process.
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