are the personality factors most strongly

(TCO 7) ____ and ____ are the personality factors most strongly associated with leadership effectiveness. (Points : 5) Agreeableness and low neuroticism Openness to experience and low neuroticism Extroversion and conscientiousnessQuestion 2.2.(TCO 3) The quality of _____ is possessed by all truly great leaders: (Points : 5) Looking before leaping Doing the right thing for the right reason Following-up on decisions Considering alternative courses of action Never telling a lieQuestion 3.3.(TCO 4) Positive group member roles include: (Points : 5) Encourager, clarifier, harmonizer Idea generator, ignition key, standard setter Detail specialist All of the above None of the aboveQuestion 4.4.(TCO 8) Ann Morrison identifies 10 practices considered to be important in dealing with diversity, including: (Points : 5) Top management’s personal involvement Targeted recruitment Diversity training groups Work and family policies that support diversity All of the aboveQuestion 5.5.(TCO 9) Principles to follow in developing others include: (Points : 5) Have a respectful attitude Build self-esteem Use coaching versus judging Practice to build proficiency All of the aboveQuestion 6.6.(TCO 9) The “Attitude in Response to Change Curve” describes the following phases in sequence of occurrence: (Points : 5) Exploration, denial, resistance, responsibility, commitment Resistance, exploration, attitude trough, responsibility, commitment Denial, resistance, attitude trough, exploration, responsibility, commitment Resistance, denial, exploration, attitude trough, responsibility, commitment Question 7.7.(TCO 9) One minute goal setting involves identifying _____ goals, and writing these on _____ sheet(s) of pages, _____ words or less. (Points : 5) 6 to 10; 2; 500 3 to 5; 1; 250 1 to 3; 1; 500 10 to 15; 5; 1,000 None of the aboveQuestion 8.8.(TCO 6) Two important criteria for bench marking are _____ and ____.(Points : 5) Product quality, service quality Location, time Personal, organizational Past, present None of the above

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