Assignment 2 -What is the location of the IRL system

Assignment 2 Wild Florida Fall 2015Questions about the Indian River Lagoon (IRL) and Canaveral National Seashore (CANA)Answer the following questions about Florida’s estuarine habitats.1. What is the location of the IRL system and CANA. Mark them on the map below. (2 pts) 2. It has been said “What goes in the lagoon, stays in the lagoon.” Explain this. (3 pts)3. Summarize the Ecological, Social, Historical, and Economic value of the IRL system. (1 pt)4. What is the major threat to the IRL system? (2 pts)5. At CANA, how many dune ridges form the barrier island ecosystem? How high is the dunesystem? (2 pts)6. What are the dimensions (length, width, and depth) of Mosquito Lagoon? (3 pts)7. What is the highest point at CANA. What is unique about this high point? (2 pts) 8. The Intercoastal Waterway runs through Mosquito Lagoon. Where is it located and how doesit differ from the rest of the lagoon? (1 pt)9. What are the two types of saltwater wetlands that occur at CANA? (2 pts)10. Different plant species make up these wetland communities. What are the typical plantsfound in each wetland? (4 pts)11. What is the energy source that forms the basis of the food chains in these two wetlands? (2pts)12. Fiddler crabs play an important role in the park…what do they do? (2 pts)13. What is the most endangered wading bird in the state?(1 pt)14. How would you distinguish between the nesting sites of Bald Eagles and the nesting sites ofOspreys? (1 pt)15. How do prescribed fire programs at CANA help both Bald Eagles and Florida Scrub Jays?(2 pts)

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