assignment 2529

1-Give your views critically analysing about the following topic with suitable examples.
“To make the company successful in the market, CSR activities can enhance short term training skills and social business projects.” (200 words)
2-Abdullah was fired from a company due to his irresponsibility, irregularity and never being on time. He was working as an office assistant. After few weeks he comes to his former manager and informs that he has applied in another company for the same post and has given his name as a reference. He needs a job as he is a single parent with two children. He requests him to give good recommendation and feedback and not mentioning his weaknesses if enquired.
Abdullah asks his manager to make a character and experience certificate mentioning that he left the company voluntarily due to his family issues and the company didnâ€t want him to leave.
The manager knows Abdullah personally and has a soft corner for him; however, he would not recommend his own company to hire him back.
1. If you are the manager, what would you tell the other company when they call you asking about Abdullah? 2.5 Marks
2. As a manager what would you do differently if you knew the manager of the other company? 2.5 Marks
3. If you are the manager, what would you do if Abdullah asked you to frame a reference letter before applying somewhere else? 2.5 Marks
4. What should be the managerâ€s role in resolving Abdullahâ€s issue in keeping the dignity and image of his company positive and transparent? 2.5 Marks
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