ASSIGNMENT – For an upcoming men’s basketball

ASSIGNMENT DUE 8PM ARIZONA TIME TONIGHT For an upcoming men’s basketball season at a public, Division I University in Illinois, ticket prices need tobe determined in order to maximize revenue and stabilize the school’s brand. The school’s team is fairlypopular with several past appearances in the postseason tournament and two of the premier playersreturning from last season. There is now a new head coach who was a former professional player, but isnew to college coaching. In addition, the team was recently made eligible to return from a one year, selfimposed, postseason ban. To successfully complete this assignment, you will need to collect ticket-pricing data on the comparableuniversities in the region. Acceptable data factors include, but are not limited to, pricing options basedon the status of competitors, venue-seating options and availability, and the economic conditions anddemographics surrounding the university. Other variables to consider may be the day of the week thegames are offered, the potential weather considerations, and various promotional opportunities. Based on the data acquired, write a 750-1,000-word executive summary that describes a strategy forpricing tickets. The summary should include revenue objectives, plans for maximizing fan attendance,and pricing strategies. Pricing strategies should include multiple tiers that consider factors like thequantity purchased and fan loyalty. Be sure to reference the data acquired to substantiate the objectives,plans, and strategies. Answer questions I don’t expect you to do essay just needs the points answered, as well as anyreferences.

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