Assignment -My Role as a Decision Leader in the Global Marketplace

Provide me 7 pages high standard solution, supported with atleast 5 APA style references (scholarly sources), not more than 5 years old. If you have provided solution to other student on same subject recently, kindly ensure, you provide me different solution, to avoid loss of marks. Use own words, avoid copy / paste similarity. Please strictly follow APA style guidelines, link as under, citing referencesas appropriate, failing which, my solution will be rejected. am working with one of the international bank, in saudi arabia. If relevant, link your solution to banking sector)QuestionDT Module 14: Critical Thinking Assignment (120 Points)My Role as a Decision Leader in the Global MarketplaceYou are to write a critically reflective paper entitled: My Role as a Decision Leader in the Global Marketplace. The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your competency in discussing key concepts gained throughout the duration of the term. Further, you are to demonstrate your ability to tie in those concepts and apply them directly to your own leadership career. The paper should be critically reflective, yet scholarly in nature, demonstrating your ability to discuss decision theory and leadership in light of the global marketplace. Because this paper is based on your own role as an organizational leader, there is considerable leeway for your discussion. However, it is required that you keep your discussion within the constraints of the concepts covered in the course.Deliverables:Your paper should be 6 pages long, double-spaced, and formatted according to Saudi Electronic University’s academic writing standards and APA style guidelines. Use at least 5 peer-reviewed scholarly sources and information from your module to support your decision

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