climate change 43

You will be expected to use your research and writing skills to craft a response to one of the questions. Each written response to a question or a response must be backed up and supported with a minimum of three (3) appropriate scholarly resources other than the course text. Your answer to the question should be no longer than 650-700 words (not including references) or about a page and a half of text, single spaced at 12 point font. You will notice that the amount of writing required is limited so that you will need to be as clear and concise as possible but also provide enough information so that it is impactful and informative.
Select one of the following questions to write your Forum Discussion on.

Do you think Canadians really care about climate change? Not what you or even your cohort of friends and family feel but Canadians in general? Is the general Canadian populace willing to make real changes in their behaviours and their actions to help mitigate this issue?
How do you think or how will climate change impact you – the average Ontario or Canadian citizen in the 20 years? 50 years? (If at all)?
How does our incomplete understanding of the Earthâ€s dynamic, complex atmospheric – ocean – terrestrial system influence our ability to act? Should it?
What sort or type of challenges or opportunities does a changing climate present to Canada and Canadians?

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