communication 164

Film, Music, Money and Power:
A) Watch at least TWO of the following. Two can be seen with Kanopy which all of you have access to via your MSU login information and the other two can be seen with a Netflix subscription.
1. This Changes Everything (Kanopy) (Links to an external site.)
2. Park Avenue: Money and the American Dream (Kanopy) (Links to an external site.)
3. The Black Godfather (Netflix)
4. 5 Came Back (Netflix)

B) Describe in a short essay the core themes of each and how they relate to each other.

Map YOUR Music!
1. Watch the Intro to Music Mapping video.
2. Select any THREE of YOUR FAVORITE musicians from YOUR MEDIA DIET and map their industry relationship as shown in the music mapping video.

3. For EACH of the THREE artists YOU select from YOUR MEDIA DIET submit a summary explaining that relationship. Try to include in your summaries who owners are and note any similarities or differences you find.

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