crime and the movies midterm exam 1

50 Questions
Quiz will be Available from May 21 at 1:57pm – May 21 at 3:32pm. around 90 minutes.
I will send in the quiz questions at 1:57 PM eastern time.
All of the material for the midterm exam is now available on canvas under the files tab:
1. Chapters 1 – 4 in the text Shots in the mirror.
2. narrated power point slides for the 1930’s, 1940’s, and 1950’s.
3. film summaries / reviews for the first 7 films covering gangster , film noir, and cop films.

4. power point presentations about all of the films.
The questions will be traditional multiple choice for half of the exam (over the reading and the slides), and modified matching for the other half. By modified matching, I mean you will be asked an important phrase or symbol from a film, and you must match it with the film it came from. Each of the phrases or symbols will have played a prominent role in the film. for example, if the phrase is: “Say hello to my little friend!”, you would choose which film?
4 Movies for Midterm
Scarface (1932)
ScarFace (1983)
Little Ceaser (1932)
Double Indemnity (1944)
Additional Material
1930s narrated (1).pptx:
1940s narrated.pptx:
1950s narrrated.pptx:
Scarface (1932).pptx:
Scarface (1983).pptx:
Little Caesar (1931).pptx:
Double Indemnity (1944).pptx:
Double IndemnityMalteseFalcon.doc:
Little Caesar.docx:
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