defines the IT innovation that you are proposing


This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Compare global, national, and local approaches to maximize innovation and creativity in IT projects.
  • Develop findings and recommendations for an IT innovation project.

This is the first part of a three-part project in technology innovation. Through these three assessments, you will:

  • identify a potential IT innovation
  • create a plan to implement that innovation
  • describe how the plan could be executed.

In this stage of the project, you will be identifying a potential innovation related to technology or IT systems within a business. In later steps you will describe the planning and implementation of this idea in much greater detail.

For this assignment, create a presentation that:

  • defines the IT innovation that you are proposing
  • sets the business and organizational context for this idea
  • describes how this idea will create a strategic competitive advantage
  • discusses how you generated this idea (research, personal experience, etc.)
  • provides context and details on the types of programming, systems, and training needed

Presentations should include a minimum of 12 slides, be of professional appearance, and include references in APA.

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