Describe the application of labor laws due to court decisions.

This assessment addresses the following course objective(s):

  • Describe the application of labor laws due to court decisions.
  • Describe negotiating techniques and how to overcome an impasse.


We started this debate in the discussion forum.  The debate will continue with this assignment.

The procedure for debate calls for what is known as “university style debate.” The opening speaker is affirmative (PRO), followed by the negative (CON), the second affirmative, the second negative, and then rebuttal speeches.

Hence, your assignment for this week will take the following format.

First Affirmative: Define terms; outline the entire case; develop the main case; summarize your own part.

First Negative: Refute the definition made by your peer (in their initial discussion); outline your entire case; develop your main case; summarize your own part.

Second Affirmative: Refute major points made by your peer in the first negative discussion; develop your own part of the argument; summarize your argument.

Second Negative: Refute affirmative’s main points; conclude the argument for your side; summarize the entire case; and compares your side with the other side (your peer’s response).

Rebuttals: Each rebuttal speech follows the same plan: point out the main points of your peers’ entire case or argument and refute them one by one; summarize your conclusions.

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