design your own outdoor space 1

To prepare for this discussion:

Read Standard #9 in the in the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards (Links to an external site.)
Review the five bullet points provided at Standard 9: Physical Environment (Links to an external site.)

As the new teacherâ€s assistant at Bright Futures Early Learning Center, your teacher and director see so much potential in you. Because of this, they would like you to help with administrative tasks as well as work with the children in the infant to Pre-K facility.
Your director knows that your current classroom is meeting NAEYC Standards; however, they want you to help enhance this classroom and the facility so Bright Futures Early Learning Center earns a 5-star rating.
Using a Word Document, a scratch piece of paper, or any other sketching tools, brainstorm a very basic outdoor space that can work for all ages. Carefully consider NAEYC Standard #9 as you build your outdoor space.
In your initial post,

Describe the space that you created and justify your design using NAEYC Standard #9.
Address all five bullet points from Standard #9: Physical Environment and discuss how your design meets each requirement.
To help give your peers a visual of your idea, attach the image of your design to your discussion response. (This is recommended, but not required.)

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