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All term, we’ve been analyzing literary text — shorts stories, a play, a novella, and poetry — but this week, we’re shifting gears slightly. The analytical skills we’ve been learning are best practiced by close readings of literary text, but they can be widely applied. We can analyze speech, advertisements, films, etc. This week, you will be analyzing an animated film short that doesn’t even include any dialog or narration, so you will focus a lot on the visuals rather than on text. You can still conduct a “close reading” on the inferential level, though. Read into the visuals, looking for symbolism, tone, theme, etc. As always, address the work from all three levels of reading — literal, inferential, and evaluative. One paragraph is sufficient, but make sure it’s a highly developed paragraph. Here is the link for the short film, entitled The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. Click on the title below in order to view the video within YouTube.

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