discussion 4176

What is the difference between native app and web app?
What is Mobile App and Web App?
What is collector for ArcGIS?

Minimum 200 words each
Individual word files with Individual references
APA Format
(You could potentially get 30 points for your answers on this Discussion Question,If the answer is substantial, complete and correct. The answers have to be original, interesting and up-to-the-point. Your personal thoughts, critical thinking and analytical approach will be valued the most!)
Getting to know Web GIS, Pinde Fu, 2016, ESRI Press. (ISBN: 978-1589484634)
Understanding GIS, fourth edition, David Smith, Nathan Strout, Christian Harder, Steven Moore, Tim Ormsby, Thomas Balstrom, 2018, ESRI Press
Additional Reading Materials:
It is expected that students will make extensive use of the following journals:

International Journal of Geographical Information Systems;
Geospatial Solutions;
ESRI Press: Arc User & Arc News

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