E-commerce industry I have paper in English to do can you fix my homework and add what i miss and i.

E-commerce industry
I have paper in English to do
can you fix my homework and add what i miss and i want perfect
Meshari Alharbi, Safwan, and Aktham
LING 136 What is the topic of the assigned paper, and is it specifically given to the students or do students have some degree of choice?
The class project is a proposal for a fictional e-commerce business, along with al least on actual web page designed with Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Students should select a different proposed e-commerce for the BA345W class project, because there may be class discussion work and small group work related to the class projects and the student might do a different web page based on their interest. What is the purpose of the assignment?
The student will write a proposal addressed to Ann Winblad, the co-founding Partner of Hummer Winblad Venture Partner, describing the fictional e-commerce business for which the student is seeking funding. What genre of writing does the professor want? Explain why you think this type of writing is appropriate for the class and purpose of the paper.
Proposal for a project this the type of assignment .the students should have prepared for the project and who to write this type because it is going to be helpful in the future and successful Are there any specific requirements for the content/information? If so, list them.
It is important to note that each student’s BA345W class project must meet special criteria Does the instructor give any direction for how to organize the paper? If so, describe or summarize them (don’t copy directly from the assignment sheet).
Yes. Each proposal should include the 8 parts, and each part should be clearly and distinctly.
1- Introduce yourself briefly summarize relevant aspects of your educational and work experience.
2- Describe the proposed business in more detail
3- Rough, conceptual outline of the fixed and variable costs business
4- Brief description of what the web site will look like.
5- Strategy for driving traffic to the sight.
6- Expected competition.
7- Expansion plans, if applicable. Does the paper require using outside sources? If, yes, what kind and how many?
No How long should the paper be?
The proposal paper should be at least 2200 words in length. On a scale of [very information – informal – formal – very – formal] how formal should the paper be? If the instructions do not indicate how formal the paper should be, use the genre and situation to be describing what you think the formality level should be.
It is formal, this assignment must follow a special criteria that assigned by the proposer. I think the formality level should be informal because it help the students to do them homework. How difficult do you predict it would be for you to complete this assignment? Include: how long it would take, would you need to visit the writing center, what would your major challenges be? I think it is difficult for me because it I do not have any back round for business class and it is high class and it is take long time I and I should visit the writing center and I work with a group to do this assignment, also I think the challenge in this class the project because the project make the students work hard and think a lot Attachments: preview of the answer… Software industry has transformed positively in the last decade. I have worked for e-commerce business for three years now after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I hope to start my own company i.e Merchants Traders. I feel I have the right experience and exposure in e-commerce industry APA 863 words Added to cart

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