embry MGMT571 2.2-Discussion- Module 2 Self-Insights

As explained in the first module, each module contains a “Leader’s Self-Insight” activity. Leader’s Self-Insights are tools of discovery designed to help you uncover your own style and preferences regarding leadership, management, and entrepreneurship. The more honestly you answer the questions, the more you will understand your potential as a leader.Hersey and Blanchard’s situation leadership theory is useful because it takes account of the development stage of the follower. It can also be applied to leading teams but takes a lot more experience on our part as leaders. The Path-Goal Theory and the Vroom-Jago model are also very interesting and useful. “Substitutes for Leadership theory” is another theory that comes into play with team members that are highly educated, or experience on the job tasks.This module’s Leader’s Self-Insights:3.2: Are You Ready? p. 733.3: Measuring Substitutes for Leadership, p. 90Remember to use a Microsoft Word document when completing this activity. Your Leader’s Self-Insights should be several paragraphs in length, grammatically sound and free of spelling errors.As early in the week as possible, post your self-insight summaries in the discussion, and then come back several days later to respond to at lease two of your peers.

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