embry MGMT571 2.5-Discussion- Entrepreneurship Crosstalk

This Entrepreneurship Crosstalk activity is based on Chapter 12 in your Corporate Entrepreneurial & Innovation textbook. Remember that your responses and comments should demonstrate an understanding of the topics and theories presented. Cite specific examples (stories, experiences, scenarios) to support your beliefs. Be sure to post appropriate, insightful, and informative statements that accurately integrate the course concepts you have learned..googleusercontent.com/proxy/cvR20-40KYEL8Jb4JiNA2fcYdGDVFZPZ8s96nC0uFd_Haqqg6eP4MyT6GDqbwXFCBzkYgYBYb4b2VwFhiwkte4tIXepdTWaHFXaaxHOYj5Nwg8fobp0=s0-d-e1-ft#https://erau.instructure.com/courses/52853/files/8979826/preview” alt=”five_guys.jpg”>Entrepreneurship Crosstalk discussion questions:Why is an entrepreneurial leader important to an organization?How is this role different from other leader roles? Why?Give an example of an entrepreneurial leader and support your answer.Post your responses in the discussion early in the module week. Your responses should be a minimum of 300 words, grammatically sound, and free of spelling errors. Review your peers’ responses and comment on two posts that particularly interest to you.

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