Engineering homework

Respond to this : Changes in an employee’s medical results during an annual medical monitoring program can be contributed to a number of factors that may happen both within the workplace as well as in the home. Depending on the type of job this worker may be doing, on a daily basis, they may be subject to air borne chemical aerosols that may be easily inhaled and deposited in the lungs causing inflammation resulting in the pulmonary stress. Similar air borne contaminants like mold and dust can also be found in the home and may cause similar effects on the human body. This would be the first question I would have for this individual. Hearing damage and loss normally can be blamed on the workplace, especially if this were a manufacturing type of job, but personal hobbies around the home can also directly contribute to hearing loss. Power tools and loud music are all examples of hobbies that may contribute to hearing damage and loss. Finally, depending on the type of job that this individual is performing again could contribute to elevated blood lead concentrations. Demolishing and Construction jobs may allow for an employee to be exposed to not only Lead but also the other two earlier discussed issues. Lead exposure may also take place within the home depending on the age of home and the type of paint that was used within the home.
As the company’s safety professional, it would be my job to investigate the type of work and atmosphere that this individual is doing within the company as well as what types of activities the employee is doing outside of work. By building a background portfolio on the employee, which includes such things as the employee’s job and all known hazards associated with that job, where the employee lives, the age of the home, and the types of activities the individual takes part in outside of work, a proper determination can be made on what may be causing the changes in the employee’s physical condition. Once a determination on whether the problems are work or home related, proper changes can be addressed, either within the workplace or within the employee’s personal life, to reverse or at least reduce the damages found during the annual medical monitoring program.
As this company’s safety professional, this is how I would look into this individual’s situation, as well as comparing this individual’s monitoring results with others who maybe working beside this person to build a pattern within the workplace.
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