essay of cultural identity in america

Based upon the readings (both text and additional) and screenings (all thus far), please answer the following prompt:
What is Cultural Identity in America in the year 2020?
Snow Tha Product:
Itâ€s a hard line
When youâ€re an import
Baby boy itâ€s hard times
When you ainâ€t sent for
Racist feed the belly of the beast
With they pitchforks, rich chores
Done by the people that get ignored
Itâ€s all set
Theyâ€ve awoken
Itâ€s a whole awakening
The alarm rang a while ago
Those who yearn seek it out
But yet they label us as lazy
We are the same ones
Hustling on every level
Hereâ€s the data
Walk a mile in our shoes
Tighten up your laces
I been scoping ya dudes
By land or by sea
False identities
We climb walls or float on rafts
We fight like Sandino in Nicaragua*
Weâ€re like the plants that grow without any water
Without an American passport
Because half of Gringolandia is Mexican territory
Youâ€ve gotta be a real son of a bitch
We plant them the tree yet they eat the fruit
Weâ€re the ones theyâ€ve crossed
We came here to take back the gold they stole**
And we have more tricks than the secret police
We stuff our entire home in our suitcases
And with a pickaxe, a shovel, and a rake
Weâ€ll build you a castle
Now whatâ€s that chorus say, fucker?
Immigrants: we get the job done!
True to its founding identity, the United States is still a nation of immigrants. Inspired by New-York Historicalâ€s Citizenship Project, this Netflix documentary short film depicts some of the many threads that continue to weave the tapestry that is America through the lens of five immigrants who are on their journey to U.S. citizenship. It is a reminder of its national motto E Pluribus Unum—Out of Many, One.

1) First, start here:
Explore some of the stories included below the video as well.
2) Then watch this video about history and what is often forgotten:

3) This is almost a coda to the above. FYI: Shots of Detroit are included here at 1:16

4) The power of history and its link with identity is also here:
Additional Reading: This article was written as there were growing concerns over AP History classes and which histories “mattered.” It links the discussion of how multiple narratives may indeed be the best way to investigate history, especially complex histories like those in the United States.
This started with a national discussion five years ago. Is the conversation settled? Why? Why not?
Another one is “In Syria” that I have uploaded.
Text: you only read Chapter 3 and 4.
It is minimum 6 pages.
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