ESSAY relating to your job and the work environment

Basically this is an internship class and I’m writing a 3-4 paper on how it went. The job Is at Footaction. When referring to yourself in the essay please talk as if you’re the manager and how you organize and deliver task throughout the day. Talk about “Footaction“(Job’s name) and how culture if very outgoing people. And you’re in a retail environment at a Roosevelt Field Mall(location)

Everything can be improvised but make it sound as if you’re in a shoe drivin industry where your goal is to exceed customers expectations

Midterm Report:
Type a 3-4 page report relating to your task and work environment. The report must include the following outline:

You have been working at the job for several weeks. Please type a 3 to 4 page ESSAY relating to your job and the work environment. Include section headers (in bold typeface) for the following six major sections of this report. The essay must include the following sections:

A brief introduction about yourself including your professional goals Describe your educational background and previous work experience, etc.

What type of company do you work for? Describe the organization structure and culture of the company. Name a few companies or organizations that provide the same product or service.

What are your duties? Describe your role as an intern with this company. h1this section, you must include your job description and function .You can consult any Accounting or standard business text book for writing a quality job description. What are the priorities of your department? For example, preparing monthly Cash F1ow or Bank Reconciliation statements. Give a few examples of how you are supporting these priorities.

Who is your manager or supervisor? Describe the duties of your trainer in supervising you in the intern program. Explain what has been setup for an on-going commw1ication with your manager. For example, weekly meetings informal conversations, etc. How many departments or units are there and how each inter act with the other departments?

How is good or poor work evaluated? Who recognizes merit?

Provide an interim feedback about your work with this company.
(What you learn so far, how did you learn it, and what else you need to learn from the internship). What are you expecting to get out of this program and how do you think you can fulfill your expectations.

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