ethical model

I need one page talking about an ethical raw model which is The Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper Test ethical model.
Below is a scenario of an employee and I want you to apply the ethical model (The Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper Test) to this scenario.
On one page, I want you to identify and explain the ethical model (The Front-Page-of-the-Newspaper Test), then apply it to the scenario and conclude.

(At this day care, Ms. Crum has a loyal employee, Sally, that has been with her for over 20 years. Twenty- five years ago, Sally murdered her husband in a jealous rage. She served three years in prison. She fully disclosed this felony to Ms. Crum when she was hired 20 years ago; she is the best employee at the day care and is beloved by the children and the parents. One particularly not nice parent somehow finds out about Sally, comes to Ms. Crum, and threatens to tell all the parents about Sally. Ms. Crum is not sure what to do – fire Sally, keep Sally, etc. From an ethical perspective, what is the right thing for Ms. Crum to do? (Identify and ethical role model, identify the elements of the role model, apply the elements to the fact pattern, and conclude)
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