gender imbalance in china and india the causes of it

Write a 10 page paper following the standard format (12 pt. font, double spaced, pages must be numbered, word file).
The paper will discuss and analyze the gender imbalance in China and India looking into the root causes of it and further developing the understanding of it.
Start by introducing how women and leadership should not be primarily addressed as women’s issue and we have to look deeper into the societal structure of it and how did we arrive at an imbalance at the top. Look at it from a general aspect, introducing the issue of gender imbalance within the political realm. (Why are women not being represented at the top, and then use that as an example to go further)
Then, start with showing the leadership imbalance in gender within China and India by presenting statistics of women leaders within the two countries throughout history.(outline the strong imbalance you find at the top)
Then, raise the question of “what are the causes of it?” (look at the societal structures, culture, tradition, religion, etc…)
Then try to understand why was it significant to have a son in the family (one child policy in China where they preferred to have a son, and how it is important in India to have your first born a boy). This will allow you to understand the root causes of the problem.
Then bring your analysis of the root causes together and create an evaluation with the question of women and leadership in mind to show that in order to change something at the top, it is necessary to start changing something from the bottom.
**Make sure to use statistics and academic literature.
I will be attaching an example of the expected final paper. It is important to note that it should only serve as an inspiration. There is no need to model your paper identical to it. Rather it may give you an idea of how to engage with questions of women and leadership beyond the topics we have studied in class or how to approach your final paper topic.
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