[H+22++Rearranging in terms of pCO2pCO23+          = 10-5.603×3-1.47-6.33-5.61-10.33 ] =K1KHpCO/[H] x ([H] + 2K2)  gives:

[H+22++Rearranging in terms of pCO2pCO23+          = 10-5.603×3-1.47-6.33-5.61-10.33
] =K1KHpCO/[H] x ([H] + 2K2)
= [H+]/(K1KH([H] + 2K2))
/(1010(10 +2×10)
= 396 ppmv (parts per million by volume)
Suppose we raised atmosperic CO2 to 732 ppmv, what would the resulting pH be? Solve for your answer. Did pH increase or decrease.
NOTE: When answering you’ll get a cubic relating H+ to pCO2 you’ll need to examine the magnitude of different terms to decide on how to simplify to get your answer.
I need assistance in algebraically answering how to assess the cubic relationship by showing a breakdown of steps
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The post [H+22++Rearranging in terms of pCO2pCO23+          = 10-5.603×3-1.47-6.33-5.61-10.33 ] =K1KHpCO/[H] x ([H] + 2K2)  gives: appeared first on Superb Professors.

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