Alexander the Great was the opposite of so many conquerors up to his time. Most, like Cyrus the Great of Persia, would take over an area and in essence say to the people: “Okay…you belong to us now. Pay your taxes and don’t rock the boat, and you can keep just about everything in your local customs and culture. No biggie.”
Then, there’s Alex.
“Okay…you belong to us now. Pay your taxes and don’t rock the boat. Oh…and your local culture? Yeah, it’s pretty much crap, so here’s all things Greek that we’re gonna cram down your throat. Yeet.”
The spread of Greek culture was, in hindsight, so vitally important for many cultures across Afro-Eurasia, and it led to the birth of new ideas and the transmission of knowledge. Great cosmopolitan cities popped up all over the place, especially Alexandria in Egypt. Great stuff, right?
Take a look at the documents in chapter six again. How do those texts challenge the idea that Hellenization was welcomed by everyone with open arms? In other words, what examples can you find of resistance to the idea, and why do you think that would be?
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