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Complete a SWOT analysis for the client you picked in Module 1. Note that while you may have created a SWOT in other courses, you will be adding another layer to the activity. To help you with the Opportunities and Threats of your SWOT, you will complete a PESTLE analysis. PESTLE stands for the following factors: Political, Economic, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental. Completing a PESTLE analysis should provide you with several items to include in your Weaknesses and Threats.
Example of a PESTLE analysis
To do: Provide at least three strengths and three weaknesses. For opportunities and threats, provide an example under each PESTLE factor. Note that your list should not just be two or three words each. A good SWOT analysis is going to include at least a sentence for each, and you should be very descriptive. For example, most students will list “Competitors” as a threat. While true, it does not give us enough information to evaluate that threat. This is better… “Walmart is a threat to our company because of their low prices.”
Analysis: The analysis portion should be at least 300 words and include how you can leverage your strengths and opportunities to address your weaknesses and threats. Be direct when addressing each area. For example, “The business can address these weaknesses by leveraging the following strengths in the following ways….”
Format your document using the following headings:

Client Name
Strengths (S)
Weaknesses (W)
Opportunities (O) – PESTLE items
Threats (T) – PESTLE items

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