I need help with this assignment. See Attachment.

I need help with this assignment. See Attachment. I am still having problem with the system.
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Assignment 1: Research GuidelinesComplete the following assignment by Flling in all perTnent areas of research.You will need to uTlizeSPSS for this assignment.You may complete this assignment using the variables and topic which youhave chosen for your ±inal Por²olio Project.You will then be able to follow this as a guide as well as acheck-point with your instructor.It is essenTal that you read through all of the feedback regardless ofyour score.You will be required to submit an SPSS output Fle with this assignment for credit.However,you must copy and paste all relevant output data into this document for credit.³hroughout the assign-ment you will see places where your tables, charts, and graphs can be placed.You may need to go back through the document to address forma´ng issues that may shiµ as you beginto input your data.Points will be deducted for sloppiness.Please treat this as a professional outlineused for a proposal.Use a di¶erent, but legible, color font for your responses.³his assignment is to completed and submi·ed no later than the Sunday of week 3 by 11:55pm E³.³hisassignment is worth 60 points.Save the word Fle as follows [your last name_SOCI332_A1] and submit itto the dropbox for feedback.(A) My Purpose³o see what [enter sample informaTon] __________________________ think about [enter yourtopic] _________________________.(B) All About My Sample1.Who are the parTcipants: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2.Who is funding the research? ___________________________________________________3.When was my data collected? __________________________________________________4.How was my data collected? ___________________________________________________5.Who do my parTcipants represent?Who is the populaTon? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________AVariablesIV QuesTon (as asked to the respondent verbaTm)- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Answer categories: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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DV Queston (as asked To The respondenT verbatm)- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Answer caTegories: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________IV Code: _______________________________ Level of MeasuremenT: __________________________DV Code: ______________________________ Level of MeasuremenT: __________________________(C) Graphs and ChartsRun The appropriaTe graphs/charTs for each of your variables lisTed above.Summarize your Fndingsbrie±y in a paragraph or Two.Be sure To include a tTle on each of your charTs and oTher pertnenT labelsyou feel are required.[Paste graphs/charts here](D) Frequency TablesRun frequencies for each variable lisTed above.Summarize your Fndings in a paragraph or Two below.Be sure To copy your Tables over inTo This documenT.[Copy Frequency Tables here](E) Choose two of the following techniques:•Running measures of cenTral Tendency and dispersion•Recoding•Index consTructon²hen use The Techniques you chose To investgaTe The issue/Topic you are considering in moredepTh.Summarize your Fndings and copy/pasTe all relevanT ouTpuT daTa here in This Fle.ACrosstabula±on TableOuTline a research hypoThesis regarding your variables.LisT below:HypoThesis: ___________________________________________________________________________CreaTe a crossTabulaton Table wiTh The variables ThaT you have chosen.Be sure ThaT you have all per-cenTages ThaT you need To properly presenT a deTailed overview of your bivariaTe analysis.Your DV, _________________________, will go inTo The ROW.
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