Juveniles and Gangs

At this point in the course, you should be able to form an opinion and formulate your own ideas about the following case study. This is a real-life example of an incident from our local area. Please use only what you have read in the case study article, make no assumptions, and use all the knowledge available to you via this course and all materials provided.
There is no right or wrong answer here but your opinions should be based upon strong and defensible theory.
Page 1: Create one full opinion page about this topic and the overall theme of the infiltration of gangs into neighborhoods. 
Page 2: Answer each of the following in fully formed paragraphs concerning this specific case and others like it. 

Should the juveniles associated with these gangs be treated differently than other juveniles doing the same crimes and not affiliated with a gang??
Should parents or guardians be held responsible?
What can you offer as a way to remove the allure of gang-life to the younger juveniles?

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