Looking for someone who can make my paper flow

Looking for someone who can make my paper flow and do the corrections
that the teacher listed. Make it sound professional and well worded but connecting with the reader. here is what the teacher told me and attached is the paper. Additionally at the end, make up a phone call with someone explaining why they are buddhist and what things they practice in their home( refer to first phone call and make it like that one) and ill add a nice tip.

You’ve got the right idea bout the project and the interviews, you just need to do with the whole paper what you did with the first page and work on that clarity and sentence structure. YOur revised page #1 is MUCH better!
So, before you even look at what I’ve written on this draft, go to your rough draft and revise the whole thing just as you did Page 1, keeping in mind the same issues of what does a reader need in order to understand what I’m trying to say?
Once you’ve done that, then take a look at what I’ve added to the draft here. I hope you find it helpful. If you’ve never seen it before, I’ve used “track changes” to make a lot of comments. Just go to “review” on your toolbar and select “Final: Show Markup” from the pull down menu in that block and you’ll be able to see the comments if you can’t when you first open the document.”
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Sample MLAFinal ProjectChristopher StuebbeRels 201Introduction-“Hinduism” and “Buddhism” are dual of the best powerful and significant beliefsabout the world. Both beliefs have comparative roots and methods of insight and began in“India” beforehand the Shared “Era”. They are between the main five noteworthy beliefsabout the world. Today, Hinduism positions third as a sorted out religion and is much moreseasoned than Buddhism. Buddhism and Hinduism have made due for quite a long time arestill broadly drilled far and wide. Buddhism depends on the instructions of “Lord Buddha”who had existed a “Hindu” previously accomplishing Nirvana, and hence given this, it takesafter that Buddhism offer numerous similitudes and a few contrasts in assured doctrinalthoughts and convictions, hones, and consecrated writings. Both have been a piece of India’sway of life for quite a while and need a lot of impact on each other. Hinduism is India’sancient religion and Buddhism is the religion equipped with only one message: end enduring.Both religions and societies being extremely settled in the eastern world are exceptionallyrespectable and ought to be as much as whatever other.The Buddhist view of afterlife-There are varieties among the Buddhist perspectives of what happens after death. Inany case, the bringing together component of all is that the sequence of expiry and
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resurrection (rebirth) is to be dodged by accomplishing nirvana. Nirvana, which signifies”eradication” or “smothering”, additionallyfrequently interpreted as “joy”, is therelinquishing singular character and seeks. Hence, in the condition of “nirvana” (thecondition to whichedification energies one) around there is no more an “individual” and noexistence is there of personal experience. Be that as it may, this is alluring from the Buddhistviewpoint on the grounds that, as indicated by Gautama Buddha (the incomparable Buddha)the fundamental way of exemplified life is languishing brought about by longing over(partially) perpetual quality and personality (when all is said in done for natural things).One striking part of the “Buddhist” viewpoint is that no essence is there[followingthe death of a believer],whilefor instance it is comprehended in the “Judeo-Christian” oracademic reasoning conventionsthat some sort of “afterlife” is likely.. That is, there is nolasting substance or quintessence which continues after deathfor the Buddhist. Maybe thecomponents of individual personality important for Buddhism to have a coherent perspectiveof resurrection are predicated on, “… an interminable cluster of marvels is making up theperson. These can be isolated into five essential classes: “physical marvels, feelings, tactilerecognitions, reactions to tangible discernments, and awareness”(source).There are two noteworthy Buddhist schools: Theravada (which is all the more nearlyconnected with the instructing of “Gautama Buddha”) and “Mahayana” (which contrasts fromthe “Theravada” school in that it incorporates an ‘unadulterated area’ perspective of eternity,and in addition some formal contrasts). These faculties of supposed replicate one noteworthydistinction in Buddhist perspectives of existence in the wake of death (i.e. in the practice ofthe uneducated promptly after expiry), however also inside of the “Theravada” faculty ofsupposed[if supposed what?]there is certain variety in existence in the wake of deathconviction. What takes after are the different existence in the wake of death convictions of aportion of the “Buddhist schools” of thought:
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