LP1 Assignment: Organizational Behavior

LP1 Assignment: Organizational BehaviorThis assignment will assess Competency 1. Apply basic organizational behavior terms and concepts.Directions: Define organizational behavior and discuss the organizational opportunities and challenges of globalization, workforce diversity, and emerging employment relationships.Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.One of the three required citations may be from the McShane and Von Glinow textbook. However, at least one of the remaining two citations should come from the NAU Online Library. You will need to conduct independent research using databases contained in the Business Databases Subject Guide on the NAU Online Library. If you decide to use an external website, review the Finding Credible Websites tutorial.

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