Need some help with a basic History assignment.

Need some help with a basic History assignment. All the details are
in the attachment. I appreciate any help, thanks.
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For this assignment, you need to visit theNaTonal Archives Experience. Historianstypically use two types of materials, secondary source, and primary sourcedocuments. Secondary sources are typically books and arTcles wri±en on a parTcularhistorical event, well a²er the fact. Primary source documents are usually generatedby ³rst-hand parTcipants. Good historians rely heavily on original materials createdat the Tme of the event. For this reason, historians spend a good deal of Tme at thearchives. ´here are many types of archives, but by far, the largest in the UnitedStates, is the NaTonal Archives in Washington, D.C.´he NaTonal Archives contains more than 10 billion documents, and they havecollected over 1,200 of those in the NaTonal Archives Experience. A²er you haveopened the above link, click on “conTnue” in the bo±om right corner. ´his will takeyou to the Experience site. Here, you can select a topic, and collect documentsrelevant to that aspect of history. ´he system will then allow you to create posters, oreven a video.´here are a number of ways that you can complete this assignment. Once you havecollected your documents, you can create three posters, a video, a PowerPoint, oruse them as evidence for wriTng a 3-5 page essay. Naturally, you will need someother informaTon, and you can gather that through the internet, or other books andarTcles. It is best to avoid using textbooks.1.Poster OpTon:a.Must include a minimum of one relevant image or document for each poster.b.Each poster must include a narraTve that explains the historical signi³cance.1Video OpTon:a.Must include a minimum of ³ve relevant images or documents.b.Video must include a narraTve that explains the historical signi³cance.
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1PowerPoint PresentaTon:(The Natonal Archives will no± allow you ±o download±heir images. To comple±e ±he powerpoin± you will need ±o collec± your imagesfrom ±he in±erne±. Be sure ±o ci±e all images collec±ed elsewhere.)a.Mus± include a minimum of Fve slides.b.Presen±aton mus± include a narratve ±ha± explains ±he his±orical signiFcance.Projec± Assignmen± Rubric1Paper OpTon:a.If you are writng a paper, i± mus± be double-spaced (Times New Roman, fon±size 12), and include a cover page wi±h your name, course number and courset±le, ins±ruc±or’s name, and da±e.b.Paper should include a ±hesis s±a±emen±, and a narratve and conclusion ±ha±defends ±ha± argumen±.Paper Option Guidance:Written Assignment GuidanceWritten Paper RubricYou are allowed ±o choose your own ±opic as long as i± per±ains ±o ±he subjec± of ±hiscourse. If you have any questons on ±he subjec± ma²er, please con±ac± yourprofessor. This is your oppor±uni±y ±o look a li²le deeper a± a subjec± ±ha± in±eres±syou.All informaton mus± be ci±ed. You are welcome ±o use APA, or MLA, bu± if you are ahis±ory major, you are s±rongly encouraged ±o us ±he Chicago S±yle forma±
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