Ohio BUSMHR 4490 – Assignment Global Strategy

Individual Written AssignmentGlobal Strategy: Competing Around the WorldBUSMHR4490 — Strategic ManagementThis individual written assignment is worth 10% of your final grade. You may also include up to fiveexhibits containing any analyses you would like to support your arguments.Deadline: Oct. 25th 2016.A global strategy is part of the firm’s corporate strategy. When a firm moves into a new country it mustadapt to new conditions. Select a firm that entered a new country market either successfully orunsuccessfully, or pick a firm and recommend that it enter a new country it hasn’t already. Use theprompts below to write a report to the firm’s CEO (use a memo format) as to why it succeeded (or didnot succeed) in achieving competitive advantage when entering a new country.(1) Apply the CAGE distance framework to guide your analysis in terms of costs and risks associatedwith cultural, administrative, geographic and economic distance that was (or would have to be)considered and its impact on the multinational enterprise (MNE).(2) Next, consider the Integration Responsiveness Framework and where your firm or aspirationalfirm is best represented (i.e., whether it has/had, or should have a transnational, multi-domestic,international, or global-standardization strategy).Please do not select any firm that has been discussed in class as a case study. Take the position of personin charge of the firm’s corporate strategy. Clearly state why the firm has or has not performed well. If youselected a firm that you recommend to enter a new country market, then show why it would achieveadvantage in so doing. Write a memo format 2 to 2.5 page 1.5 spaced explanation for a firm’s superiorperformance (or lack thereof). Please use Times New Roman font, size 12, and 1” margin all around. Rubric for 4490 Essay: Global PerspectiveTraitsOverall identification &explanation of key issues Exceeds StandardsIssue/problem to be considered critically isstated clearly and describedcomprehensively, delivering all relevantinformation necessary for full understanding. Assess the firm’s movement inrelation to CAGE Identifies the key CAGE components andassesses their relative importancesystematically. Cogent argument is supportedby appropriate evidence.Adapts and applies a deep understanding ofthe IRF as they relate to the firm’scompetitive advantage and performance ofthe firm in a new market.Specific position is imaginative & takes intoaccount the complexities of the issues. Limitsof position are acknowledged. Alternativepoints of view are taken into account.Evidence is used effectively to supportargument. Information is taken from sourceswith enough interpretation/evaluation todevelop a strong argument. Integration ResponsivenessFramework (IRF)Overall statement ofposition/perspectiveUse of evidence to supportargument Meets StandardsIssue/problem to be considered critically isstated but description leaves some termsundefined, ambiguities are unexplored,boundaries undetermined, and/orbackgrounds unknown.Identifies relevant CAGE components andassesses their importance systemically. Does Not Meet StandardsIssue/problem to be considered critically isstated with little or no clarification ordescription. Analysis reflects some sophisticationrelevant to IRF in how it impacts competitiveadvantage and firm performance. Understanding of IRF and its relationship tocompetitive advantage and firmperformance of the firm is superficial. Specific position takes into account mostcomplexities. Specific position is stated but is simplisticand obvious. Some evidence is used in an attempt tosupport argument. Information is taken fromsources with some interpretation orevaluation, but not enough to develop astrong argument. No evidence is used to support argument, orevidence is used ineffectively. Fails to identify relevant CAGE components.Analysis of relative importance is incompleteand has significant faults.

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