paper assignment 46

Papers should be written in essay form with the following paragraph structure. Follow the guideline below. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and end with a concluding sentence. Proofread for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Use the following paragraph structure for your essay.

Paragraph 1: Introduction. Begin with general comments about creativity, what it is and why is it important in everyday life. Incorporate ideas from the following articles listed in this week’s module: What is Creativity? and Why is Creativity Important in Everyday Life? Then, include the title and author of both articles you have selected from the 99U website. Develop a thesis statement about the importance of creativity and whether creativity is something everyone can do.

Paragraph 2: Summarize the main ideas of article #1 you have selected from 99U. Give some specific examples from the article. What are the main points? What conclusions does the author make? Use your own words. No quotes.

Paragraph 3: Critique article #1 from 99U. Give your personal response to the author’s main ideas. In your opinion what were the strong points and weak points. Are there any relevant ideas the author did not bring up? Do you think the ideas promote creativity in everyday life? How do these ideas relate to you and your experiences? Give examples of ways you could incorporate this information into your life.

Paragraph 4: Summarize the main ideas of article #2 you have selected from 99U Use your own words.

Paragraph 5: Critique article #2 from 99U

Paragraph 6: Conclusion. Compare the two 99U articles. What are the pros and cons of each article? Which article do you prefer or think has the best ideas for you in terms of developing everyday creativity? Although they may both present valid ideas, choose one article that appeals to you more and give your reasons why. In general, do you think a person can modify their behavior or attitude to enhance creativity and make things happen?

Length: Papers should be 850-1200 words. 12 point font. Use paragraph form.
Papers will be graded on:1) Adherence to the topic assignment and instructions listed above.2) Content and original thinking3) Clarity and organization4) Grammar, spelling, punctuation, format and word count.
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