please help with presentation

We are asked to make a video presentation on the passage I attached below. Please help me write the script of the presentation. (You don’t have to do the recording, I will do it myself) The script should be long enough for a 3 minutes presentation.
The Assignment: Create a video presentation (record yourself presenting) about one of the readings of our textbook. The presentation should last more than 3 minutes and fully present the contents of a reading of our textbook of your choice. You can record yourself using your cell phone, using your laptop/desktop, or using a professional camera. The quality of the video will not affect your grade.
What should be included in your presentation: Consider this a formal presentation. State your name, the purpose of the video, the reading that you will focus on (title, author, year), and then begin breaking down the reading for your audience. We have been writing about readings this term. This exercise is similar. You can provide a summary, critique the reading, and then apply it to your own life.
OUTLINE: 1) Introduction (yourself and reading), 2) Brief Summary of Reading, 3) Critique of the Reading, and 4) Application
You may want to write down a script, so you can present formally.

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