POLS 210-one supervisor from the show in the case choose Dr. House

This is a leadership paper and should be 3-5 pages long, double spaced, and APA format. View a episode from the tv show House, MD. A. After viewing the show, select one supervisor from the show in the case choose Dr. House. B. Discuss three supervisory techniques that he used, using specific examples from the show. C. Discuss the following topics: 1. Which of the supervisory techniques were effective?why? 2. Which supervisory techniques were not effective? Why? 3. Pick one scene and discuss what you would have done different as a supervisor and why? 4. How does a high stress environment affect supervisory techniques, as compared to peace time? 5. What supervisory trait do you most relate to and why? Include a personal experience. 6. Why do supervisors fail if they are using a “textbook” technique?

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