PSYC 354-Michelle is a cognitive psychologist studying

1) Michelle is a cognitive psychologist studying reading times for stories that contain either consistent or inconsistent information. She runs 38 people through her study and concludes that reading times slow when coherence breaks occur in a story. Specifically, she concludes reading times slow by 6.9 milliseconds on average. Michelle’s prediction is a(n):a) interval estimate.b) standard deviation.c) point estimate.d) sigma score.2) When we know the population mean but not the population standard deviation, which statistic do we use to compare a sample to the population?a)µb)zc) Fd) t3)Assume for a given study that the null hypothesis asserts the expected value of a phenomenon is 10. A research study results in a 95% confidence interval reported as [7.142, 9.865]. What decision would you make based on this confidence interval?a)Reject the null hypothesis.b)Fail to reject the null hypothesis.c)Retain the null hypothesis.d) A decision cannot be made on a confidence interval; a hypothesis test is required.4) Many companies that manufacture lightbulbs advertise their 60-watt bulbs as having an average life of 1000 hours. A cynical consumer bought 30 bulbs and burned them until they failed. He found that they burned for an average of M = 1233, with a standard deviation of s = 232.06. What statistical test would this consumer use to determine whether the average burn time of lightbulbs differs significantly from that advertised?a)single-sample t testb)z testc)standard deviation analysisd)random numbers test

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