Putting it into practice The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Revisited

Putting it into practice
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Revisited. Todd Mesek and his researchers are constantly collecting and interpreting information to support decisions about serving visitors to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Mesek uses personal interviews and interactive computer questionnaires to profile visitors, understand their needs, and gauge their satisfaction with the museum. Then Mesek presents the results in reports illustrated by informative charts to help management grasp the data’s significance.
Imagine that Mesek asks you to develop a computer interactive questionnaire for gathering data about the museum’s weekday visitors compared with weekend visitors. You will be researching the ratio of local visitors to out-of-town visitors; the age, gender, family status, and household income of visitors; and the most popular exhibits and programs. The results will help management identify any key differences between weekday and weekend visitors in preparation for planning appropriate marketing activities, exhibits, and programs.
a. Brainstorm about possible questions. What specific information will each question uncover? What might the museum’s management be able to do as a result of knowing the answer to each question?
b. Choose the most appropriate question and arrange them in logical order.
c. Edit the wording of each question for clarity. Is every question bias-free? Does each deal with only one element?
d. Consider how to format each question for the respondents’ convenience in answering. Which questions should be open-ended and which should be closed?
Should you revise or eliminate some questions or change some formats to speed up the survey and encourage more respondents to participate?
Using your knowledge of data collection and analysis, prepare, format, and proofread a suitable questionnaire. Submit your questionnaire and the answers to these process questions to your instructor.
3. Locating Specific Information You have been asked to determine the feasibility of opening a frozen yogurt store in Greenville, North Carolina. Answer the following questions, using the latest figures available. Provide a citation for each source.
What were the number of establishments and the total sales last year for TCBY, a frozen yougurt franchise?
What is the population of Greenville, North Carolina? What percentage of this population is between the ages of 18 and 24?
What is the per capita income of residents of Greenville?
What is the name and address of the president of TCBY, a frozen yogurt franchise?
What is the climate of Greenville, North Carolina?
How many students are enrolled at East Carolina University?
What is the market outlook for frozen yogurt stores nationwide?
What is the most current journal or newspaper article you can find on this topic?
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