Reading homework

Please complete both parts:
1.    Many composers kept diaries during their lives. Choose a composer from the twentieth (or twenty-first) century and an important event from that composer’s life. Consider how this event relates to the music the composer wrote. Write a diary entry related to that event in 1st person voice, as if the composer wrote it (Your choice should not be in the Jazz, pop, rock, rap, or other popular music genres.). Provide a link to a sound file or YouTube video of the composer’s music, to help classmates become more familiar with this individual’s work. In the subject line for your post, include the composer’s name.  List any websites or other sources you used to write your post at the bottom of the post.
2.    What is your personal reaction/response to this composer and/or the music we have studied so far in class? How does learning about music apply to your life and/or past experiences?
REPLY TO EACH POST 100 WORDS MIN EACH  *In your replies, ask the “composer” questions as well as furthering the conversation.
1.  This past February I was lucky enough to survive a major hemorrhaging. The doctor told me I had come within an hour of bleeding to death. I now have since then been living on the lake in the southern Austrian province of Carinthia. Being here has helped me come up with new ideas on what I want to write musically. I feel that I have a since of purpose in life once again after marrying the women of my dreams Alma. It is nearly the end of the summer and I have completed the first draft to my fifth symphony. I invited Alma to come over and listen to me play it on the piano yesterday, I wanted her to be the first person to hear it. She told me she loved the slower movement from the piece because I dedicated it to her. I was excited to finally have my music heard from the people of Cologne this past evening. It was such a beautiful site to see and a feeling I shall never forget  although I had read about a gentleman through the paper the next morning saying that “there was nothing romantic or mystical about it; it was just simply an expression of Incredible energy.” That there made me feel so happy to have somebody I had never met before in my entire life give me such an amazing compliment for the music that I wrote. I am excited to continue having my music played in public the future seems to be looking brighter after all.
2. It is a rainy day in London. I am tired of writing music and I am tired of everything. I jus finished my fifth bottle of alcohol and I am not sure what I am going to do today, it is only 2 in the afternoon. I talked to Sibelius earlier this morning and he told me he liked the pieces I wrote and heard them playing at one of his local bars. (Winter Legend.) My pride is set a little too high to tell him that he influenced that classic but oh boy am I glad that he enjoyed it. Sometimes it feels good to finally get in the spotlight and walk down the street hearing people play my music as they clean their houses or mediate. I am currently writing a new piece and I hope to have it done to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. I hope I am able to play it in person for her and get the blessing from her, but I don’t know I am getting too old and I may just have the local school perform it for her. I wish I was still young and thriving, I think that is why I drink so much. Will I wake up and feel young again tomorrow or will I not wake up at all? Whatever! I am going to keep drinking and writing music because at least they are 2 things I love to do. In the mean time, I guess ill go in my piano room and play for fun.
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