recommendation report project

For our final project, you will write an 8-10 page recommendation report on an issue associated with developing your career knowledge and skills. Youâ€ll identify a specific audience, but you can count on writing to a group of people who has shown interest in your topic but doesnâ€t know much about it. Youâ€ll supplement the report with an 8-10-minute PowerPoint presentation (about 15 slides).
Report Types and Topics
As our text points out, reports come in many varieties. For our project, weâ€ll use the bookâ€s “middleground” definition: “A business report is an orderly and objective communication of factual information that serves a business purpose” (200). The business purpose of your report is to recommend a course of action undergraduate business students should pursue to develop their “identity capital” (Jay, 2012). You have tremendous flexibility regarding the recommendations you make about how someone can build his or her identity capital. Most importantly, you need to select and recommend methods for developing oneâ€s identity capital that will yield enough content for a strong, well-developed document. The reportâ€s primary goal is to recommend a course of action, but you will also offer analysis and present conclusions drawn from research you conduct. Weâ€ll also rely heavily on chapters 8 and 9 in our book, especially when we define problem and purpose statements and determine the factors you need to investigate (201-202).
Research/Visuals/Cover Letter/Tone
You will conduct primary and/or secondary research for this project and cite that research appropriately in the form of a Works Cited page at the end of your report and PowerPoint presentation. Secondary research must be credible; primary research can be based on carefully constructed survey instruments and interviews with business professionals. Your report must also include graphic elements (visuals); the course materials will explain citation format, and methods for integrating figures, tables, charts and graphs into the report. You will also submit a cover letter. The report must be written in a professional tone/style defined by our text in Chapter 4.
Report Specifications Length:
At least 8 pages of body text Margins: 1 inch all around
Line Space: Single
Paragraph Breaks: Line space; no indent
Font Size: No smaller than 11pt for serif, 12 for sans serif
Executive Summary: Yes, not counted in page count
Headings: No more than 3 pts larger than text type
Page Numbers: Bottom, flush right margin, text size
Title Page: Yes, with course name, instructor name, proposal title, group name, individual names
Visuals: Include visuals, with captions/titles placed per standard convention; cite all unoriginal visuals
Citations: Follow MLA guidelines
Cover Letter: Yes; standard transmittal letter format
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