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Read the posts of the other learners and post scholarly responses to two of your peers. Provide suggestions about how women leaders can approach the challenges they face. Include text concepts, relevant research, and professional or practical experiences to support your responses.
Student post down below:

Gender roles are related to gender stereotypes in that the perception of men and women have different characteristics based on their gender. Women can be considered no less effective in the leadership and commitment or motivation to lead then men (Northouse, 2019). Literature on leadership styles has revealed that women are more transformational than men as the characteristics of this type of style are considered related to more feminine gender qualities (Lopez-Zafra, Garcia-Retamero & Martos, 2012). Transformational leaders motivate others to improve themselves and performance, while providing emotional support and understanding others emotions, which is the concept of emotional intelligence. This type of leader is a clear contrast to a transactional leader, in which management is performed in a more conventional way with the leader rewarding or punishing the follower depending on performance. It is important to point out that people with high emotional intelligence, regardless of gender, predict transformational leadership.
In the local community hospital, there are currently women in leadership roles, the executive officer, the chief nursing officer, the chief safety office and the chief medical officer. I recognize that this is not the norm of hospital leadership and feel fortunate that I am able to be provided with these role models in leadership positions. Of the four women in these leadership roles, and in my interactions with them, I have learned that there is an equal division of transformational and transactional leadership qualities, two of each. Two of the leaders appear to have higher emotional intelligence and are able to focus, listen and respond appropriately to the emotions of others, while the other two are more a reward and punishment type of leader. It certainly is a delicate balance, as I watch them interact with staff and issues that are constantly evolving.

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