schizophrenia 24

Respond to the following in your initial post:

If you were working in the emergency room of a hospital, how would you distinguish between three individuals, one of whom presents with schizophrenia, another with a schizoaffective disorder, and the third with a brief psychotic disorder?
What is the basic ICD-10 code (the number) for each of these diagnoses?
Create a brief PowerPoint presentation you could provide to families that explains the prognosis for two of these disorders and any treatment issues of which the family needs to be aware. Remember that, when using PowerPoint, the slide should present headlines, rather than paragraphs. The idea is that you would walk through the slides with the family, filling in the details as you speak. The Notes section should be used to store your details. Upload your PowerPoint presentation as an attachment to this discussion.
Identify, analyze, and discuss both sides of one current controversy related to cultural and ethnic issues in the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

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