so very easy 2 questions

Part One: Answer one of the following: 1.In regard to state and local government:
a. Define political parties and discuss their functions and roles. b. Discuss Direct Democracy and Direct Action.
2. Discuss the following aspects of crime in regard to state & local Government:
a. The crime explosion and its impact and crime reductionand its impact.
b. Policing and law enforcement.
3. Discuss:
a. The major functions of the state legislature and the importance of a professional legislative staff.
b. The major influences on a state legislatorâ€s policy choices and voting record.
Part Two: Answer one of the following:
1. Discuss:
a. The major powers of the governor and the major roles of the governor.
b. The functions and powers of the state bureaucracy.
2. Discuss:
a. The two different types of local government: General Purpose and Single Purpose.
b. Local political leaders and their roles in local governance: mayors, city council, bureaucrats.
3. Discuss: In Regard to state and local government:

a. Economic development, Housing b. Transportation,Environment.
All your answers must be from the state and local governments perspective.
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