STAT 230-You work in the shipping and logistics

Regression Discussion – Go GolfSee Excel spreadsheet attached.You work in the shipping and logistics department for Go Golf!, an American mail ordercompany that specializes in expert golfing equipment and training. Go Golf! has fourdistribution centers that provide products to each of four different regions in the US; Augusta,GA services the southeast, Philadelphia, PA services the northeast, Indianapolis, IN services themidwest, and Little Rock, AK services the west. Your manager has recently asked you to analyzethe efficiency of these distribution centers.The data in the attached SPSS file contains information about each of the last 26 weeks for eachof the four distribution centers. The first column simply denotes the week in which the data werecollected. The second column indicates which warehouse the data are from (1=Augusta,2=Philadelphia, 3=Indianapolis, 4=Little Rock). The third column contains the distribution cost(in thousands of US dollars) associated with the particular warehouse in each week, and the finalcolumn contains data on the number of orders routed through each warehouse eachweek.Your manager wants to know if there is any linear relationship between the number of ordersrouted through each center and Go Golf!’s distribution cost. Thus, the number of orders is yourindependent variable and the cost is your dependent variable.Answer the questions below and include relevant charts and calculations. Construct a scatter plot of the two variables. Interpret what you see (or think you see).Use Excel to estimate a simple linear regression between these two variables.Interpret the meaning of R2 and comment on its magnitude.(70 words)Interpret the meaning of ?0 and ?1. (70 words)Use the standard, simple regression equation to predict the mean distribution cost of 1000orders.6. Explain the statistical significance of the slope in this solution. (75 words)WEEK DISTRIB CTR1111222233334444555566667777888899991010101011111111121212 COSTORDERS139.75471233.57490367967481.389131105.951232257.696393108.2313734123.8511551104.2713952123.511365329.61381441.644401107.431422241.94521369.44932430.85416142.34603264.93792353.735464206.081408153.92670236.425603116.0113014121.291086178.261016252.446423108.561074456.25485142.52634280.3411273105.851351448.94481150.34694255.77811354.35615490.63755186.671139267.6892386.5710044114.317601103.7311242120.071423353.298894122.461433158.31802261.6903378.06904 121313131314141414151515151616161617171717181818181919191920202020212121212222222223232323242424 412341234123412341234123412341234123412341234123 76.8379.2580.354.7169.6167.6679.8658.04147.5672.7878.7289.05140.25107.68131.2566.63155.7287.4663.7753.9694.8373.2794.9172.68109102.9590.1465.1652115.4145.46100.7494.4941.5734.5745.5792.1658.973.5778.1557.169.1849.1480.75105.6592.83105.4794.6 109212259686157888581160720116488010249471449143013641000141289183360010878301217834133611501260938627134855113667626254896056177961075110555610435429381063109912661132 242525252526262626 412341234 166.3774.66107125.0764.3248.1523.9242.57112.48 1327101412541456536506397458899

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