supporting to answer 40 questions

Hello Harry,
How are you?
I hope you are doing well.
* Tomorrow 5th of MAY, You and I will be here online starting from 11:25 P.M , to be ready for the exam.
* My exam starts at 11:30 p.m , and the duration is 70 minutes.
* All the questions are multiple choices.
* I will post first 5 questions to you here, to be followed with 15 questions. ( they are showing the questions one by one, I mean each question in separate page, so it will take time, and to save time, I will pass to you first 5, then followed by 15 questions)
* I will try to answer the questions from 21 till 40. ( I need you support here as well) but to save time, I may answer some of them, and I will pass to you the remaining questions.
* I need your response to be simple and easy, as the following: ( for Example)
1- (A)
2- (B)
3- (D)
The number represents the question number, and the letter is the answer.

*Please I need you to work accurate and fast ( it looks like 70 minutes are long, but I had a previous test where I had unanswered questions due to the time).
* Here you are the book from chapter 8 untill Chapter 14, and all PPT files from 8-14.
* I will uplode the following files once you accept the request ( it is written here that I can not uplode more files, so I will upload the rest later)
Take Care
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