The first solution to assess the risks and rewards of is providing education to management

The first solution to assess the risks and rewards of is providing
education to management of quality of life regarding mobility. The risks involved in implementing an educational program may include the cost of the material and course, everyone not learning at the same pace, and transferring the information learned to employees. The rewards of this solution may include that knowledge has statistics related to productivity, clear understanding of the importance of proper care, and management will all have the same knowledge and understanding of client needs. “A 2013 study in the International Journal of Science and Research found that training greatly benefits both employers and employees. Proper training also leads to greater efficiency and productivity (Albright, 2019).”
The second solution to assess would be providing education on how to efficiently communicate between all parties. Risks involved could consist of, again, the cost of educational material and everyone not implementing strategies learned. Rewards could include increased communication among employees and managers. It could also increase ideas to better the company due to employees not being in fear of questioning policies and procedures and offering input. Whenever a person feels like part of a team and communication between all parties is strong, productivity and efficiency in the workplace are also increased. “Across five experiments Stanford psychological scientists Priyanka B. Carr and Gregory M. Walton concluded that even subtle suggestions of being part of a team dramatically increased people’s motivation and enjoyment in relation to difficult tasks, leading to greater perseverance and engagement and even higher levels of performance (Just feeling, 2015).”
The third solution to assess is implementing a training plan that includes a training packet provided to managers and employers as well as providing one-on-one training to all employees. Risks associated may include the cost of the packets to be printed, the responsibility of employees keeping track of their copies, and the inability for an employee to interpret the content of the packet. Rewards can include the availability of content for reference when unsure of a policy or procedure, clear expectations from all parties, and increased productivity by having consistent expectations.
The last solution to assess is conducting a monthly analysis on both training provided as well as employees performance compared to company expectations as well as providing one-one-one training if needed and an incentive program such as raises, bonuses, and verbal praising. Risks involved could include the costs of raises, bonuses, and time paid for additional one-one-one training provided. Another potential risk could include employees not being receptive to constructive criticism. Rewards could include increased productivity with the incentives of bonuses, raises, and verbal praising. They could also include the ability to meet all different types of learning needs, to assess the effectiveness of the training provided and the capability to make changes as needed to increase productivity.
Identifying impacts of the solutions to the management problem you are exploring. Discuss the impacts to the client relating to the management problem and solution(s) you are studying.
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