The following information pertains to Raleigh Company.

The following information pertains to Raleigh Company. Assume that all balance sheet amounts represent both average and ending balance figures. Assume that all sales were on credit.AssetsCash and short-term investments$ 40,000Accounts receivable (net)30,000Inventory25,000Property, plant and equipment 280,000Total Assets$375,000Liabilities and Stockholders’ EquityCurrent liabilities60,000Long-term liabilities95,000Stockholders’ equity-common 220,000Total Liabilities and stockholders’ equity$375,000Income StatementSales$ 90,000Cost of goods sold 45,000Gross margin45,000Operating expenses 10,000Net income$ 35,000Number of shares of common stock6,000Market price of common stock$20Dividends per share1.00Cash provided by operations$40,000Compute the following for Raleigh Company:a. Current ratiob. Receivables Turnoverc. Days Sales in Receivablesd. Inventory Turnovere. Days Sales in Inventoryf. Total Asset Turnoverg. Debt Ratioh. Leverage Ratioi. Net Profit Marginj. Return on Assetsk. Return on Equityl. Earnings per Sharem. P/E Ratio

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