use the three links and answer the file

Use the attached Template to build an Operations Strategy Matrix for Tesla. Refer to the information and data in the three Tesla articles posted on Canvas. You are free to use data and information from other sources and research from around the same time frame as the articles published.
You are mapping a company’s operations and supply chain strategy by the FACTUAL decisions made on deploying resources (Resource Base) and the processes used to deliver value for the company (Resource Integration and Resource Development). The complete strategy matrix is a “blueprint” of coordinated and intentional management decisions made to deliver the company’s Strategic Objectives and its Customer Value Proposition.
A complete and coherent Operations Matrix Includes:
Resource Base: What key resources does Tesla have in each of the resource categories—Physical, Human, Software, Methods & IP, Ecosystem, and Financial)?
Resource Integration: What processes has the company decided to use to integrate the resources into productive assets? Resource Integration is the Operating System of the company—how does a collection of resources work together to create value customers are willing to pay for?
Examples: Aldi uses a Hub and Spoke process to integrate the physical resources, Toyota uses Lean manufacturing as a Method (Software, Methods, and IP) to integrate all the resources, Apple uses long payment terms to suppliers to integrate its Financial resources.
Resource Development: What processes does the company use to improve, to grow the quality and quantity of its resources.
Example: Intel uses a “Copy Exact” process to build new fabrication plants (Physical), Toyota uses “Kaizen Events” to improve productivity, quality, and eliminate waste.
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